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The Girls in Maths conference creates an open, inclusive and encouraging platform for young women to explore and find their voice in mathematics under the support and mentorship of other women in the mathematical community.


The Girls in Maths conference cultivates and celebrates the pasts, presents and futures of young women’s passion in mathematics.


The Girls in Maths conference hopes to inspire and support more teenage girls to seek extensions, avocations, further study or careers in mathematics. We hope to shape the future of mathematics by celebrating its diversity and equality.

Meet The Team


Meet The Team

Jingying Wang


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I am a Grade 12 student at UWCSEA East. I find pure mathematics really engaging, especially when applied to cryptography. Through GIM, I hope to share the beauty of mathematics and the warmth of community with all of you. Looking forward to the conference!

Rhea Goyal


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I am currently in Grade 12 at UWCSEA East. I fell in love with mathematics at an early age, and developed a strong interest in the beauty and intricacy of number theory and calculus. I hope to expand and strengthen our community of mathematicians through GIM. See you there!

Anya Arora


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Anya Arora is a Grade 12 student at UWCSEA East.

Uditi Gupta


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I am a Grade 10 student at UWCSEA East. My journey to the horizon of mathematics has been and is currently the adventure that inspires me every step of the way. While I particularly enjoy geometry and game theory, I look forward to spreading the beauty of mathematics at this wonderful opportunity.

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