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Shuyu Xue

Ph.D. Candidate
@Singapore Management University (SMU)

M.Sc. in Finance, Washington University in St. Louis
B.Sc. in Finance, University of Pittsburgh

Shuyu is an expert in financial modelling, she is going to share her internship experience in banking system as an associate consultant in EY. 

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Secret Speaker


Ph.D. in ???


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Tippi Zhu

Member of Chinese Mathematical Society
M.Sc. in Mathematical Finance, University of York
M.Sc. in Teacher Education, University of Oxford

Tippi is an Origami artist focus on Kusudama and Tessellation, she will be sharing her enthusiasm of paper folding art design from the mathematical perspective. Join this workshop for an exploration into the mathematical principles behind paper foldings. 

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Patricia Vlad 

Mathematics and Design
@International School of Singapore (ISS)

Forbes Romania ''30 under 30'

M.A. in Education, University of Cambridge

B.A. in Education, University of Cambridge

Patricia loves to find technological and mathematical solutions to real-life problems. She will be presenting on the fascinating applications of fractals to the world of finance and beyond. Join this workshop for a beautiful visual adventure into chaos theory.

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Guo Yang

Research Engineer

M.Sc. in Data analytics, Nanyang Technological University
EM Strasbourg Business School

Guo Yang is a research engineer focusing on machine learning algorithms. She will be presenting on the basic mathematics behind Recurrent Neural Network (RNN)

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Dr. Milashini Nambiar

Research Engineer

Ph.D. in Operations research,
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

B.A. in Applied Mathematics, UC Berkeley

Abstracted decision making problems (e.g. multi-armed bandit problem, traveling salesman problems) followed by the real world applications of these problems

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Francesca Gasparrini


Former Head of Equity Derivatives,

JP Morgan Chase, Italy

B.A. in Electronic/ Biomedical Engineering,

Politechnico Di Milano

Francesca is an engineer who has matched her passion for mathematics in the financial world. She has worked for JP Morgan focused on trading equity derivatives options and futures. 

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Lucy Twigger

M.Sc. in Educational Research,

University of Exeter
B.Sc. Systems Modeling

Lucy has a keen interest in Number theory and finding patterns to solve problems and make sense of the world. She has established the schools cryptology club and will share some strategies to explore ciphers while celebrating some of the women who have had a great impact in this field

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